This is my shop: a particular haberdashery. I inherited it from my parents and transformed it, making it completely mine. It is thanks to the help of an architect cousin that the gray and ancient air of the old emporium has given way to a more welcoming and creative environment.

I have optimized the spaces, replaced the old metal shelves with wooden shelves, created a sliding structure for trimmings and particular ribbons, so that everyone can look at them, touch them and choose them calmly.

The absolute protagonists of my haberdashery are the Fabrics. Here there are American and English cotton tins, and even embroidery items for trousseau (F.lli Graziano, Tessitura Pardi) sought with care and of the highest quality. I combined creative work and fabrics, which ended up distinguishing me. It is thanks to the research, the design and the graphic experience that my creations take shape: each of them has a particular and unique history, often this ends up representing the story of the clients / friends who request it.